BMW Recalls Mini and Mini Cooper Cars


On January 10, 2012, BMW of North America, LLC, announced a voluntary recall of 88,911 Mini and Mini Cooper cars manufactured between 2006-2011 and equipped with 4-cylinder turbocharged engines. The recall arises from overheating of a circuit board which electronically controls an auxiliary water pump that cools the turbocharger in the vehicles. In extreme cases, the overheating of the circuit board can lead to smoldering of the water pump and could result in a vehicle fire. There have been 12 fires reported to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, though none have resulted in accidents or injuries. Per BMW, each of the reported fires occurred while the vehicles were standing still. The recalled models include: 2007-11 Mini Cooper S; 2008-11 Mini Cooper Clubman; 2009-11 Mini Cooper S Convertible; 2009-11 Mini JCW; 2009-11 Mini JCW Clubman; 2009-11 Mini JCW Convertible; 2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman.

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