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This Women in Subro blog series highlights powerhouse women in the industry while discussing leadership, management, and success in subrogation.  In our interview with Sabrina Garcia, Division Claims Supervisor of Subrogation at Wawanesa, we recognized that her vibrant character has aided in her success. 

Reflecting on 19 years with Wawanesa, Sabrina says “No one decides they are going to be a claims adjuster, but it is a funny thing, because those that are in it, stay in it.”  Now as the Division Claims Supervisor, she sees her role as a leader more challenging and at the pulse of what is going on.

Q: When you were a child, what was your dream job?

A: To become an actress and singer.  I love the world of entertainment.  My go-to karaoke song is “Natural Woman” or something by either Toni Braxton or Aretha Franklin. 

Q:How do you describe subrogation to friends and family?

A: Subro is a legal term that means we “stand in the shoes of others.”  I use the auto accident example and say subrogation is going after the people responsible.

Q: What is the hardest part of your job? 

A:  Managing people with different personalities and shuffling resources to get the work done.

Q: What is the most rewarding/exciting/interesting part of your job? 

A: I enjoy having the insight and knowledge to forecast or prevent something from happening.  It is rewarding when I can think of something and get a protocol on board before even the in-house counsel has thought of it.

Q: How have you excelled in the industry?

A.  By remaining curious and interested, and by continuing to learn all the time.  I don’t know it all and everything is always changing – the law, tech, etc.  I have been willing to stay aware of the changes and trends and to keep that fire/passion for the work.

Q: What is one of your greatest professional accomplishments?

A: To have achieved to this role.  I had a lot of “noes” before I got this “yes.”  I have been in the trenches a long time and finally recognized and valued.

Q: What makes a good leader? 

A:   A “servant leader” is open and willing to listen to their people.  A good leader knows that even if she can’t move forward with the idea, the ideas and people are acknowledged and appreciated.  To have success, you can’t do it alone.

I am a different leader today than in the past.  Before, my drive and delivery of communication was direct and matter-of-fact in style.  I have really taken feedback to heart and turned it around.  I still have quick delivery, but believe I am more thoughtful, speaking with intention; I try to slow it down and collaborate.

Q: How do you define success?

A: Success is the perseverance of overcoming failures.

Q: Do you have any tech tips for workplace efficiency?

A: Emailing on my phone allows me to get more work done. I am involved in a lot of meetings, work between two buildings, and I am not at my desk a lot.  This is very helpful.

Cozen O’Connor thanks Sabrina Garcia for this interview and for being a true leader in subrogation.  We leave you with this video clip, as according to Sabrina, the subro theme song should be “Money, money, money.”

Stay tuned for the next post highlighting another prominent subro leader.

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