Final Chance – DuraPro™ Toilet Connectors Class Action Settlement Bar Date Approaching October 24, 2022


If you are handling or investigating any water losses due to the failure of certain DuraPro™ Toilet Connectors, you could benefit from a class action settlement.  However, note that the Class Action Settlement bar date is approaching on October 24, 2022.

As you may be aware, a class action suit, entitled Jacquelyn D. Ajose, et al. v. Interline Brands, Inc., Case No. 14-CV-01707, was filed in 2015 against Interline Brands, Inc. alleging that beginning in 2002, Interline Brands Inc. purchased toilet connectors from China with uniformly defective plastic coupling nuts  and injected them into the U.S. market. The class action suit further alleged that these defective toilet connectors made from acetal plastic pose a substantial risk of failure by permitting the unrestricted flow of water causing water damage to property. 

As a result, a settlement was reached that affects those who own or owned, or lease or leased, a residence or other structure in the United States containing an eligible DuraPro™ Toilet Connector with a plastic Coupling Nut. This also includes subrogating property insurers whose insureds experienced or experiences property damage caused by the failure of a DuraPro™ Toilet Connector.

If a timely claim is submitted to the Claims Administrator, all eligible claimants can recover up to 30% of documented costs of repairs for property damage caused by the failure of the plastic Coupling Nut on a DuraPro™ Toilet Connector.

In order to receive any class benefits, you are required to exercise your rights no later than October 24, 2022 – please note that this is the final deadline to submit a claim to the class action administrator. Please contact any of Cozen O’Connor’s subrogation and recovery attorneys if you have any questions or require assistance in protecting your subrogated interest.

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