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Part 36: Settle or Face the Consequences

In England, parties to a dispute are encouraged to settle cases through the use of Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”). The rationale of the Part 36 regime is to encourage settlement. If a party rejects an offer

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Compliance With Hague Convention When Serving Foreign Entities

In today’s economy, it is no surprise to find that the product at the heart of a product liability suit was manufactured by a company outside of the United States. But properly serving that foreign manufacturer appears to cause some

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Sales Website May Be Sufficient For Jurisdiction Over Foreign Corporation

Courts may be willing to exercise jurisdiction over a foreign entity in a civil action based solely on a website that solicits sales throughout the United States without specifically targeting one state or its residents. Recently, a trial court denied

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International Recovery Spotlight: Recovery Rights of Insurers in China for Medical Expenses

The Chinese Insurance Law provides that subrogation rights are not available to the insurer of an insurance policy concerning life or bodily injury, if the insurer has paid the insured or the beneficiary for death, bodily injury or illness suffered

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