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Inverse Condemnation: The People’s Champion

Article I, Section 19 of The California Constitution provides that just compensation be paid when private property is taken or damaged for public use.  *STOP*  Take a deep breath.  It is not as tough as it sounds.  In fact, after reading this blog

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Canadian law still requires that subrogated actions be brought in the name of the insured rather than insurer

In Canada, the right of subrogation is a product of the common law, although it may be modified by statute or contract. Unlike in the United States, Canadian common law provides that an insurer may sue only in the name

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Recent Michigan Rulings Allow Subrogation Claims Against Tenants

Michigan appeared to join those states barring a landlord’s subrogee from suing a tenant in the case of New Hampshire Insurance Group v. Labombard, 155 Mich. App 369, 375 (1986). There, the court held that a tenant is an implied

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North Carolina Extends Statute of Repose for Defective Products to 12 Years

Effective October 1, 2009, North Carolina’s statute of repose for claims for defective products will be increased from six to twelve years for actions that accrue on or after October 1, 2009.  N .C .G .S. 1-46.1(a)(1) .  For actions that accrued prior to October 1,

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