Soy Based Wiring Coating – Potential Attraction for Mice


mouse.1The old joke in school used to be, “…the dog ate my homework.” Well, now, as a consequence of manufacturers moving toward more “green” ecologically fashionable products, the wiring in automobiles and common outdoor appliances is becoming feast food for rats, mice and vermin.

The intention for utilizing “soy” based wiring coatings was to eliminate greater use of plastics which are less biodegradable in the environment. However, usage of this type of wiring in vehicles and appliances has resulted in an all too inviting prise du jour for small fur covered creatures.

Various lawsuits have been filed alleging that manufacturers knew and have known that these electrical wire coatings and insulation were a potential enticement to “small critters” seeking not only the warmth of vehicles but also the chew friendly insulation materials which cover the electrical wiring.

Numerous automobile manufacturers have been placed on notice of claims related to the usage of the wiring coatings and insulation that attracts the furry four-legged critters which apparently utilize the wiring as a type of “dental floss” to keep their rapidly growing fangs in check. The common result of the intrusion of rats and mice is to result in the destruction of the electrical connections of the appliance or vehicle which may result in arcing and possibly fire.

Certainly when examining a common vehicle or appliance fires, it is always important to consider the potential impact on cause from a rat, mice or vermin attack when there is supporting evidence of their presence at or near the area of origin. Ruling this in or out also becomes important if it is determined that the wiring was “spiced” with soy based products.

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