Wildfire Prevention Week- Not Just For the Western States


The western states in the U.S. have experienced devastating wildfires for decades.  These states, Cal Fire, and other agencies have held week long Wildfire Prevention or Wildfire Awareness programs annually every April or May.  With wildfires unfortunately becoming more common in other parts of the country, states across the country are declaring their own Wildfire Prevention and Awareness weeks.  Governor Janet Mills declared the week of April 17 to April 23 Wildfire Awareness Week in the state of Maine with the Maine Forest Service reporting that there have already been more than 100 wildfires throughout the state just this year.  The third week of April has been designated Wildfire Prevent Week in Wisconsin, recognizing wildfires starting to burn in the Great Lakes region as soon as the snow starts to melt.

Recently, our firm has published for your reference several alerts and presented webinars for subrogation investigation and recovery efforts regarding wildfires in Colorado (The full Alert can be found here), Texas (The full Alert can be found here) and Tennessee (The full Alert can be found here).  We want you to be equipped with the most up to date information, strategies, and resources our firm can offer to assist in your wildfire claims and prevention efforts.  Reach out if we can guide you to any additionally needed resources.

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