SubroSpeed Analytics Platform: Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads


In the latest episode, co-hosts, David Brisco and Joe Rich, are joined by Dan D’Imperio, Co-Director of National Subrogation Services, to discuss the role of Predictive Analytics in the subrogation industry.  Like in Back to the Future when Doc. Brown shows up at the end of the movie with a revamped flying DeLorean, the subrogation industry no longer needs to use traditional roads to review a high volume of files and can use predictive analytics to fly through and score the recovery potential of files.  Dan has extensive experience integrating NSS’s SubroSpeed predictive analytics platform with clients and discusses in this episode the overall architecture of predictive analytics, data mining, scoring files and how NSS has been using its SubroSpeed platform to leverage better and faster recoveries for clients.

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About The Authors

David Brisco is a Member of Cozen O'Connor's Subrogation & Recovery practice group in the Litigation Department. He joined the San Diego office in 2005, and has been a Member since 2012. He is responsible for managing a subrogation litigation caseload in various legal areas, including product liability, negligence, construction defect, and breach of warranties.

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