ChatGPT captures the essence of subrogation in poetic form.  Playful and on point, we share the following rhythm and rhyme. As Cozen O’Connor attorneys know and appreciate, sometimes cases need a creative approach.

In the realm of insurance where claims are filed
There lies a process that can make you smile.
It's called subrogation a peculiar word
Where laughter and lawsuits sometimes occur.

When accidents happen oh what a mess
The insurance companies must assess.
They pay the claims but they don't stop there
They seek reimbursement with a playful flair.

Like a cunning detective with a mischievous grin
Subrogation's mission is about to begin.
They investigate and gather all the facts
To find who's responsible for the impact.

But oh the tales that subrogation brings
From bizarre incidents and silly things.
There was a case of a cat and a toaster
The feline culprit the claimant's roaster!

And then there was a claim involving a cow
Who decided to take a joyride somehow.
It crashed into a bakery causing a mess
But who's to blame? 
The cow they would guess!

Some claims are straightforward like a ping-pong ball
Bouncing from one party to another in a hall.
But others are complex like a riddle to solve
With twists and turns that will surely evolve.

Subrogation agents work day and night
To recover money and bring forth delight.
With humor and wit they navigate the claims
Turning the process into playful games.

So next time you're in an accident's bind
Remember subrogation it's quite a find.
Though dealing with claims may sometimes seem odd
They'll always bring laughter that's for the squad!
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