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Utah – Filing Suit in Name of Carrier Confirmed

In July of 2016 Leslie Hulburt and I reported that the Utah Appellate Court recently issued a decision, if read out of context, could be used to suggest that a subrogation case in Utah must be brought in the name

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Utah Supreme Court to Rule on Named Plaintiff in Subrogation

The Utah Appellate Court recently issued an opinion in a medical subrogation case that contained broad language regarding subrogation law in Utah. See Wilson v. Educators Mut. Ins. Ass’n., 2016 UT App 38. The decision, read out of context, can

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Additional California Rulings on Right to Repair Act Defense

In August 2013, we reported that Christmas had come early for the California subrogation community due to a recent decision from the Court of Appeals which found that the “Right to Repair Act” (SB 800) did not apply to cases in

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New Discovery Rules in Utah may Streamline Your Subrogation Case

The Utah Supreme Court recently approved a number of amendments to the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure which limit discovery in civil actions. The amendments became effective for all cases filed after November 1, 2011. The purpose of the amendments are

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California’s Attorney-Client Privilege Upheld

The California Supreme Court in the case of Randall v. Costco Wholesale Corporation, 2009 DJD 16727 upheld the attorney-client privilege set forth in Evidence Code §954. The privilege attaches to any legal advice given in the course of an attorney-client relationship,

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