Technology Helping Us Walk Into Subrogation Recovery


Technology is advancing and so are subrogation investigations.  We are seeing investigations of losses and presentations for recovery make use of new technology, including laser scanning, 3D imaging, Lidar, drones, etc.  Some tech can come at a high expense, but as the tech becomes more available, it will become standard use in the industry.  For example, Matterport has developed over the years and more and more cause and origin investigators use it with every loss at a very reasonable cost.

We have seen how helpful and commonplace Google Maps 360 has become, assisting in investigations by identifying the neighboring properties and vehicles in the driveway, as well as measuring distances to gas meters, fences, etc.  Matterport provides a similar 3D image of inside the loss site.  If you have not yet seen a demonstration of Matterport (or other technologies), Cozen O’Connor can coordinate one for you with an expert.

With Matterport, subrogation professionals can digitally view, measure, explore, and share the 3D space of the loss site.  We can view floor plans and measure anything inside the space (i.e., distance of the space heater debris from the mattress, vent hood to the open range, electrical outlet to the appliance, trash receptacles to storage, etc.).  Experts can go back through years after the loss to recall their memory or look for additional evidence.

The expert places the portable 3D camera in several locations throughout the space to capture with accuracy the images and measurements.  A link is then provided to the client and everything is accessible by phone, notebook, or computer.  The team can share the link and explore the space together while discussing the loss.

Even better, with the use of a headset, we can virtually walk into the space and hopefully, right into subrogation recovery.

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